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Addressing GDPR Compliance with Gigya

Gigya’s solutions can help you address regulatory compliance across all your brands and properties.

With the GDPR enforcement deadline looming in May 2018

If you serve even a single customer in Europe —thanks to the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) — you must now maintain proof of how, when, where and why you collect and process their personal data. Without a holistic solution for managing customer profiles, preferences and consent in place, it may be difficult for your business to remain in compliance.

It’s time for a complete customer identity, preference and consent management solution

Gigya’s customer identity and preference management solution can help your business address many of the toughest requirements of the GDPR. By enabling you to be more transparent with your customers in how you collect and use their personal data, Gigya can help you build trust with your customers and encourage long-term brand loyalty.

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Gigya’s Three Pillars for Addressing GDPR Requirements

Gigya helps businesses identify, engage and build a single view of each customer, to better understand who they are and fuel trusted, relevant experiences across their journeys. Our solutions are designed to help address many aspects of GDPR compliance without breaking the customer experience.

GDPR compliance is central to our three solution components

Gigya Customer Identity Management Platform

Customer Identity Management Platform

Built from the ground up to help you deliver more seamless, transparent and relevant experiences to customers, Gigya’s Customer Identity Management platform can enable you to establish and grow more valued and trusted relationships with your customers while helping to mitigate regulatory risks.

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Gigya Enterprise Preference Manager

Gigya Enterprise Preference Manager

Put consumers in control of their own data and experiences while enabling a complete history of customers’ permissions across your business to help address audit requests. Meanwhile, two-way data synchronization with downstream applications and services ensures that consent records are accurately enforced throughout each customer’s lifecycle across every channel and region.

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GigyaWorks - Privacy by Design

GigyaWorks - Privacy by Design

Privacy by Design is a collection of data protection and privacy best practices built into Gigya’s solution, woven through our technical implementation and product design and taught to our clients as foundational principles by GigyaWorks Global Services. Elements include consent management strategy, data auditing, data extraction, data deletion, freezing of data processing and more. Using these principles, Gigya’s solutions help businesses address the requirements of GDPR while building trust and loyalty with customers.

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Begin Preparing Now!

Find out more and begin preparing now by downloading our GDPR Readiness Toolkit. It contains resources designed specifically to help your business prepare to address GDPR compliance using Gigya’s products by the May 25th, 2018 deadline.

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