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Is Your Authentication Solution Costing You Business?​

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How do your customers feel about your authentication solution? Hopefully, they feel a general peace of mind if you’re doing it right, but what if you’re doing it wrong? Join us as Gigya’s Sr. Director of Technology Strategy, Suresh Sridharan, discusses how your business can win and retain more customers and drive topline revenue by employing the key elements of an effective authentication solution, including:

  • Flexibility to support new authentication methods
  • Automatic regional privacy and data compliance
  • The ability to balance usability and security
  • Elastic scalability and consistent reliability

About Our Speaker: Suresh Sridharan, Sr. Director of Technology Strategy, Gigya

Suresh is responsible for providing implementation expertise, support and best practices for Gigya’s platform. As Gigya’s Sr. Director of Technology Strategy, he is responsible for competitive analysis and innovation in the IAM space.

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The Consumer Insights and GDPR Readiness Tour 2018 – Wien
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March 20, 2018

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