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Forrester and Gigya Explore How Customer Identity Drives Cutting-Edge Contextual Marketing

Join Joe Stanhope, Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst serving B2C Marketing Professionals, and Rashmi Vittal, Gigya Vice President of Product Marketing, to explore the link between contextual marketing and customer identity strategy.

Contextual marketing technologies help companies achieve more engaging and relevant customer experiences by capturing data on the full context of the customer journey; not just who the customers are, but also key information about when they shop, where they’re most likely to make a purchase, what platform they use and more. Yet, these technologies also present significant team alignment, technology, privacy and permissions challenges to B2C companies.

In this webinar, Joe and Rashmi demonstrate how a customer identity strategy can address these challenges and drive effective contextual marketing efforts. Through this discussion, they:

  • Highlight the main business challenges of achieving effective contextual marketing
  • Detail the core tenets of customer identity strategy that can drive contextual campaigns
  • Present use cases where companies realized top-line success through customer identity management solutions

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