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Explore the Path to Digital Excellence in the GDPR Era

Do you see GDPR readiness as simply a checklist of system and policy updates? If so, you’re missing a big opportunity to reconnect with your customers by offering them more consistent, relevant and trusted experiences. That’s why we’ve designed a path to digital maturity with guideposts that can help lead your business to digital excellence.

With our maturity model and a commitment across your business to truly put customers first, you can capitalize on this opportunity to go beyond mere compliance and earn the lasting trust and loyalty of customers that will make you stand out in a competitive marketplace. Join experts Rashmi Vittal and Sergey Krayniy from the SAP Customer Data Cloud from Gigya to learn:

  • How to consistently and transparently capture preference and consent data at each customer touch point
  • Why centralizing profile, preference and consent data in an audit-ready vault protects the business
  • How providing a self-service preference center builds trust with customers by giving them transparency and control of their personal data
  • Why the secret to next-level omnichannel experiences starts with a unified customer profile

Rashmi Vittal, Vice President of Product Marketing, Gigya
Featuring Rashmi Vittal
Head of Marketing, SAP Customer Data Cloud

Sergey Krayniy
Featuring Sergey Krayniy
Global Vice President Pre-Sales, SAP Customer Data Cloud

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