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The Digital Identity Crisis: How the explosion of personal information is transforming technology, business, and society.

The Digital Identity Crisis explores who we are when so much of our data is stored online, and so little of that data is actually owned and controlled by ourselves. While consumers continue to say they are concerned about the use of their data, they also increasingly share personal information with corporate entities, governments and a widening circle of friends and associates.

The book explores the trends shaping identity, including business issues, policies on identity data privacy and ownership, and the future of decision-making informed by identity data.

Who should read the Digital Identity Crisis?

For businesspeople, as well as anyone interested in the privacy and ownership of their personal data, Identity Crisis uncovers how identity data is being used by marketers and how individuals are expressing their preferences in the digital world.

For all businesses, the data they hold about their customers is becoming the most valuable asset they own. This book reveals the latest in what organizations can and can’t do with data, both from the customers’ perspective and from a regulatory angle. Going beyond economic considerations, the book describes the trends that are forming us as human beings, as our identity is increasingly digitized.

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