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Why Your Business Needs Gigya’s Lite Registration

Lite Registration allows Gigya clients to offer online sign-ups to their customers that require only an email address, with no need for a password and only the customer’s consent needed for activation. Read our data sheet now to learn how Lite Registration helps businesses:

  • Connect with customers earlier in their journeys
  • Incentivize full account registrations by optimizing email marketing programs
  • Manage privacy compliance while building trust with customers

How Valuable is your Mailing List?

Email Service Providers (ESPs) are excellent demand generation tools. They help modern marketers manage huge mailing lists and complex, multi-pronged email campaigns to drive customer engagement and revenue. Oftentimes, however, these technologies are disconnected from the rest of the marketing stack — storing and managing data in their own repositories. Why is this a problem? Because the humble yet ubiquitous email address is a key identifier for a consumer — a stable and unique attribute that should be a central element of a customer profile, should that person choose to register for a full account. Why keep this valuable data in a silo?

A new feature from Gigya enables businesses to collect and manage email data in our full-fledged customer identity management platform, then integrate that information into an ESP for subscription and campaign management. This helps optimize email marketing programs while unlocking the ability to make those email addresses available for synchronization with full customer profiles as subscribers convert to full account owners.

What Is Lite Registration?

Lite Registration is a premium, add-on service for Gigya’s Customer Identity Management platform that allows clients to offer sign-ups to their customers that require only an email address, with no need for a password and only the customer’s consent needed for activation. This lets customers quickly and easily take advantage of value-for-information exchanges such as newsletters, promotional offers and “contact us” forms. Once customers have subscribed, incentives to register can be offered through targeted email campaigns. For example, in exchange for creating an account, customers might be offered access to exclusive content, a discount on their initial order, or a subscription service on a site or mobile app.

In this way, connections can be established with customers earlier in their journey based on their implicit consent, helping to build trust that increases conversions and loyalty. Once customers register for full accounts, Gigya can merge their profile and email attributes within our Profile Management database using our Identity Sync ETL feature. This enables the ability to automatically update their profiles when they subscribe or unsubscribe. Registered users can also leverage Lite Registration to subscribe to newsletters and services and their information is automatically synced with profile data in real time or batch mode.

The Benefits? Stronger and Safer Customer Relationships

Establishing customer relationships with a softer touch can boost customer acquisition and establish trust which can be nurtured throughout the entire buyer lifecycle. This encourages not only engagement, but loyalty and advocacy in the long term. Also, customers have a more a unified cross-channel experience as they move along their journeys, with consistent look-and-feel elements for newsletter opt-in, registration and login, and profile management screens. All permission-based data shared by customers at any stage is rolled up into their profiles, so their identity actually grows in value over time as the business learns more about them.

Compliance with data protection and privacy rules is also enhanced with Lite Registration, since consent obtained from customers for newsletter subscriptions, contest entries and other demand generation forms is stored along with email addresses in a centralized platform, along with the collected personal data of registered users. Customers can use opt-out or unsubscribe links in emails to control their preferences and Gigya’s Identity Sync ETL functions ensure that all downstream applications stay in step with each customer’s current level of consent.

Progressive Identity: The New Norm

The new customer journey can start anywhere that value is offered and information exchanged, which is the concept behind Gigya’s Progressive Identity initiative, of which Lite Registration is only the first offering. Read our data sheet now for an example of how a lighter, more progressive approach to building relationships with customers can pay big dividends for forward-thinking businesses over time.

Gigya has updated its Privacy Policy as Gigya, Inc. has been acquired by SAP America, Inc. and Gigya has updated the information regarding how we collect and use your Personal Data. You can see the updated Privacy Policy here.