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Three Strategies for Winning with Customer Identity in the Business of Sports

Why Multi-Channel, Over-the-Top Experiences Are the Future of Sports… And How to Build Them Now

Franchises and organizations specializing in live sports entertainment face a significant challenge:

In a market of always-rising ticket prices and a formidable array of less expensive non-sports options, how do you engage fans beyond the venue and broadcast experience, whether they are at an event, at home in their living room, or out on the town? The solution is easy to understand but difficult to execute: Provide unique experiences fans can’t get anywhere else, and offer these experiences across a variety of channels and platforms.

It’s hard to execute because questions abound…

  • How do you offer fans exclusive content when they’re at the venue, online or on a mobile device?
  • How do you best target the dizzying diversity of fan interests to personalize experiences?
  • What can you offer that will enhance fans’ experience in real time and encourage future engagement and loyalty?

In the end, it comes down to control. Control over the experience by the fan, and control over a mountain of consumer-generated data by the brand. Modern sports fans demand the power to dictate their own experience wherever they’re at and, increasingly, they’re gravitating toward the sports experiences that give them new ways to do that.

  • Multiple Channels Are Key: For most fans, watching the competition in person or during a broadcast is a given. But, with the growth of streaming technologies and the mobile internet, there are plenty of other ways fans can engage.

  • How Customer Identity Management Solutions Can Help Engage Fans: Connecting with fans, collecting and managing their data effectively and and responsibly, and converting that information into business value delivers a number of key benefits. Examples from Formula-E Racing, Major League Soccer, and the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC).

  • How Gigya Brings Customer Identity Solutions to Sports Organizations

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