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Progressive Identity and the Modern Retailer: Bridging the Online to Offline Experience

Today’s retailers often struggle with solving the challenge of the “online-to-offline gap”. That is, delivering a unified experience to customers across digital and real-world channels. In order to smooth shoppers’ experiences and engage with them across a broader and more complex journey, retailers should leverage a purpose-built customer identity and access (CIAM) solution, putting digital identity at the center of their strategies. A best-in-breed CIAM platform can help retailers:
  • Identify and engage consumers at scale, with registration and login screens and flows customizable for any business case, plus, social engagement and loyalty features to instantly activate a more personalized experience
  • Build rich, actionable customer profiles, with self-service consent and preference management features to help maintain trust with shoppers and compliance with regional data privacy requirements
  • Seamlessly integrate customer data with downstream technologies such as CRM, DMP, proximity data platforms and more, to track single identities across multiple touchpoints and deliver delightful and relevant experiences across channels and devices in real time

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