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Strength in Numbers: Gigya Network Protected Identity

With losses from new account and account-takeover fraud estimated to reach $8 billion by 2018, identity fraud is everyone’s problem.

That’s why Gigya is rolling out an initiative called Gigya Network Effects, which grows out of our ability to monitor and analyze the 1.1 billion digital identities managed by our platform to deliver elevated security when account irregularities are detected. The first feature to be released for this initiative is Network Protected Identity (NPI). Download our free data sheet to learn:

  • Why existing security measures don’t fully protect your customers’ identities from brute-force bot attacks that attempt to guess account passwords
  • How Gigya, the established leader in Customer Identity Management, brings an unbridled ambition to offer new services like network-scale security
  • How, with Network Protected Identity, Gigya is able to monitor our network for failed login attempts by account email address and IP address, then deliver stepped up authentication across our network when preset thresholds are crossed

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