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Talpa Media Creates a Connected Utopia to Span the Silver Screen and Beyond

Talpa Media recognized the opportunity to revolutionize traditional TV viewership by inviting fans to play an active and influential role in its Utopia series.

With the release of its newest TV hit, Utopia, Talpa Media partnered with Gigya to transcend the silver screen, building and incentivizing viewer interaction and loyalty across channels and devices.

Learn how Talpa Media increased viewer interaction and retention:

  • Reducing barrier to entry across devices
  • Gaining a unified view of cross-channel identities
  • Building an interactive community of viewers

“By leveraging Gigya technology, we have transformed traditional TV viewership into an interactive, real-time experience that is putting Talpa at the helm of the TV and media industry.”


Hylke Sprangers

CTO Digital
Talpa Media

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