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STV Boosts Viewer Engagement and Campaign Yields with Gigya

Scottish Television (STV) is Scotland’s leading digital media brand. Its broadcast channel reaches 3.5 million viewers each month, and its online channels include Scotland’s most popular media website, 

The Challenge

With no prior customer identity solution in place and a reliance on “pay-to-play” social data for ad targeting, STV saw an opportunity to register its viewers and use the data generated by them to optimize their digital products and services. Gigya’s Customer Identity Management platform was selected as the registration, authentication and profile management solution at the center of STV’s portfolio, enabling a seamless onboarding and login experience for viewers and a single customer view across all channels.

With Gigya’s platform in place, STV was able to:

  • Improve open rates by 14.5%
  • Improve click-through rates by 21.4%
  • Improve overall conversion rates by 45%