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Nutricia-Danone Integrates Digital Commerce with Gigya

In light of high demands for its formula product, Nutricia-Danone realized that the only way to effectively retain and service its customers and protect its market share was to properly identify buyers.

Nutricia-Danone implemented Gigya’s Registration-as-a-Service (RaaS) and Social Login across Nutricia web properties, including formula vending machines located throughout the Netherlands, bringing legacy technology into the world of connected devices and the Internet of Things and resulting in:

  • 48% increase in average new registrations
  • 120% growth in average daily logins
  • A single customer view across channels and devices
  • The ability to manage shoppers’ needs, purchases and supplies
  • Personalized user experiences using first-party data

“Putting Gigya at the center of our customer experience has been a success. Not only can we identify and understand our customers, but we can use this data to drive relationships, retention and ultimately revenue across channels. ”

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Max Goijarts

Technology and CX Manager

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