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GDPR Readiness Toolkit for Customer Identity & Access Management

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The kit was developed by customer identity experts, with resources designed specifically to help businesses prepare to meet General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance for their customer identity and preference management solutions by the May 25th, 2018 deadline. It includes:

  • Survey Guide – The 2017 State of Consumer Privacy and Trust: Compelling statistics and trends around customers’ opinions regarding data privacy and trust in their online experiences.
  • CIAM Guide to Addressing GDPR Requirements: A practical guide to understanding how Gigya’s solutions and implementation expertise can help clients prepare to meet GDPR compliance and other global data privacy regulations for their customer identity and preference management implementations.
  • Data Sheet – Gigya Privacy by Design Program: An overview of the Gigya Privacy by Design Program, describing the consultative approach the GigyaWorks Global Services team takes when helping businesses prepare to address GDPR requirements for their customer identity implementations.
  • GDPR Technical Self-Assessment for CIAM: A self-service tool for evaluating businesses’ customer identity management practices to help determine the gaps and remediation needed to meet GDPR compliance.
  • GDPR Compliance Matrix: A list of Gigya features that help clients prepare to meet the most complex requirements of the GDPR for their customer identity and preference management solutions.