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Social Login

Increase registration rates while gaining access to users’ rich, first-party identity data.

Social Login increases registration and minimizes barriers to site entry by reducing the need for usernames and passwords, allowing users to authenticate using their existing social media identities and pre-verified user accounts.

Social Login provides permission-based access to users’ first-party identity data, so you can start delivering personalized experiences that build lucrative relationships.

“Gigya’s Social Login and consumer management technologies equipped our business with the tools to create a personal in-flight experience. We look forward to collaborating more with Gigya.”


Rob Zwerink

Director of eDevelopment

“We needed a registration system with SSO and social login. We didn’t have any registration system and looked for a ready-to-use software. After evaluating time / effort /maintenance needed if we were to build this we decided Gigya was the way to go.”


Pablo Ferro

IT Director
Clarin - AGEA

“Gigya’s permission-based approach to collecting consumer data is quickly replacing traditional customer research strategies as a more accurate way to learn about our audience.”

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Georgia Sapounas

Digital Manager
Canadian Olympic Committee

Increase Registrations & Logins

A social sign-in gives users the option to log on with just two clicks using more than 25 identity providers and any custom SAML provider, as well as passwordless mobile authentication.

Know Your Customers

Access permission-based identity data such as customers’ interests, activities and media preferences to create more relevant cross-channel experiences.

Get a Single View

Link all connected social network accounts to a single site user record, with automatic all data login normalization for social providers and traditional registration forms.

Manage Trust & Compliance

Give customers total control over the information they share, and maintain automatic compliance with social network and data privacy regulations.

Save Development Time & Resources

Get automatic updates for social network API changes to ensure uninterrupted social login functionality and policy compliance.

Maximize Mobile Acquisition

Drive acquisition across any screen with a mobile-optimized social login dialog that enables mobile users to conveniently sign in with touch versus type.

Passwordless Authentication

When a user chooses to sign in using her mobile phone number, a one-time verification code is sent to her device, which she can then enter to log in.

Transparent Data Collection

Inform users upfront about the data points that will be collected and how they will be used, and give them the option to opt-out at any time.

Account Linking

Give users the flexibility to link an existing site account with one or more social accounts so all their information stays in one place.

Technology Buyer

Simplify User Authentication & Social Login

Enable social login across properties with a single API that powers secure authentication via 35+ global identity providers, including Facebook, PayPal, Sina, Weibo and Tencent. Gigya’s web and mobile SDKs (Android and iOS) are available in a variety of programming languages to implement social login in server or client-side environments. Gigya minimizes risk and maintenance with automatic API updates that keep pace with identity provider privacy and policy changes.

Profile data from various social networks is normalized and consistently updated as users make changes to their third-party profiles. Account linking gives your customers the flexibility to log in using any number of identity providers, as well as traditional usernames/passwords, while tying all of their information to individual user accounts and keeping it in one place.

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Gigya has updated its Privacy Policy as Gigya, Inc. has been acquired by SAP America, Inc. and Gigya has updated the information regarding how we collect and use your Personal Data. You can see the updated Privacy Policy here.