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Reactions implementation example

Consumer feedback in a single click.

Reactions give users a unique way to react to your website’s content, providing users with clickable buttons such as “awesome,” “want it,” or “innovative.” Once clicked, reactions can be easily shared to social networks, or posted to Facebook as Open Graph actions. To implement, you can choose from our library of hundreds of ready-made reaction buttons, or customize your own buttons to closely match the content and look-and-feel of your website.

Benefits for Your Users

Reduced Barrier to Entry

Reactions ease new visitors into interaction with your content, empowering users to provide feedback without the heavier investment of leaving a comment or posting a review.

Seamless Sharing

Reactions give your users a simple way to syndicate their reactions to one or multiple social networks in a single click. Users can also opt-in to auto-sharing from within the share interface to automatically publish reactions to social networks from that point on.

Open Graph Integration

Reactions enable users to publish reactions to Facebook as an Open Graph action. Your app can then aggregate reactions on Facebook so the user can keep track of the content or products they are interested in for future reference.

Aggregated Feedback

By displaying the percentage or count of reaction button clicks, your users will be able to quickly get an overall sense of how your community feels about a specific topic or product.

Benefits for Your Business


Reactions can be used for a variety of functions. For example, reaction buttons can be implemented as a poll by displaying the count or percentage of button clicks. Reactions can also be modified for content voting by implementing buttons such as thumbs up/down, plus/minus, or yes/no.

Simple Customization

Reaction buttons can easily be customized to match the look-and feel-of your website. Button text can also be modified to align with the topic at hand on any specified content page. Additionally, the Reactions Plugin Wizard can be leveraged to easily mix-and-match button images and text for simple customization.

Increased Engagement

Reactions offer users a low barrier to entry to interact with your content and stay engaged on your website. In fact, users who click on a reaction button spend an average of 50% more time on site.

Increased Content Syndication

Prompt sharing to social networks after a reaction button is clicked to increase brand awareness and word-of-mouth traffic. From there, users can easily opt-in to automatically share reactions to social networks without having to interact with a share interface.

User Sentiment

View comprehensive Social Analytics on reaction activity to track the frequency of reaction button clicks and shares. Reactions reports also provide a way to analyze the breakdown of reaction buttons clicked, so you can discover insights regarding overall feelings about your content or products.

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