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Lite Registration

Engage customers earlier in their journey by letting them sign up with just an email address.

Lite Registration is a premium add-on service for Gigya’s Customer Identity Management platform. It enables Gigya’s clients to let customers sign-up for newsletters, promotions, “contact us” forms and other demand generation elements simply by entering their email addresses and granting consent, with no need to establish passwords.

Captured information is stored and managed in Gigya’s Profile Management database and can be synced with third-party email service providers (ESPs) to drive optimized email marketing programs, and merged with profile data once subscribers convert to full accounts.

Engage Customers Sooner

Give customers an easy way to engage with your business by offering value-for-information exchanges such as newsletter sign-ups, special promotional offers, contest entry — even wi-fi login — with only an email address and consent required to activate subscriptions.

Optimize Email Marketing

Eliminate data silos by storing and managing email information in a centralized and secure profile management system, with the ability to tie profile and behavioral attributes back to email addresses captured through Lite Registration when customers register for full accounts. Robust ETL functions via Gigya’s Identity Sync feature ensure that changes to customer consent and preferences are always in sync with downstream applications.

Boost Registrations

Manage email and consent data in a centralized platform and drive engagement with value exchange offers such as exclusive content, discounts, loyalty programs and more to incentivize registrations. Once subscribers convert, email data is tied to a unified profile that can be built on progressively to include customers’ likes, interests, behaviors and more, giving your business a 360-degree of each customer across channels and devices to drive one-to-one marketing programs and campaigns.

Build Trust with Customers

Transparently capture consent up front and manage it throughout each customer’s lifecycle to build trust and control into the user experience and foster long-term loyalty — as subscribers become customers and customers become brand advocates.

Create a Consistent Experience

Present a unified experience as customers move through their journeys, with look and feel customizable via UI or markup extensions for every form and flow, from initial sign-up, to account registration, to profile and preference management.

Unify Your Marketing Stack

Build valued and trusted customer relationships, with Lite Registration as a seamless first touchpoint. As customers travel along their journeys, Gigya’s holistic platform enables you to innovate around personalizing and optimizing their experiences across every channel, with integrations into today’s most advanced marketing, sales and services applications via our Identity Sync ETL feature. Fuel your entire tech stack with permission-based customer identity data to deliver better CX, services and products.

Lite Registration point of entry screen

Better Loyalty Programs

Drive maximum performance for your loyalty and rewards programs by making sign-up quick, easy and transparent. Deliver immediate value for minimum fuss to attract customers that are more likely to engage and return often to get more of the great products or services you offer!

Lite Registration progressive identity flow chart

Progressive Profiling

Drive conversions while earning customer trust through “Progressive Identity”. Engage with customers earlier in their journey and build on each touchpoint throughout the entire buyer lifecycle to create rich, valuable profiles that fuel true “right person, right channel, right time” marketing, sales and service programs. Get to know customers gradually, with transparency at every step and customer control baked into the experience, and promote loyalty that pays off in brand advocacy and higher retention and revenue.

Lite Registration privacy settings panel

Private and Secure – From the Beginning

Ensure privacy and security for your customers as they move along their journey with baked-in preference and consent management and Gigya’s industry-certified information security infrastructure and practices. Gigya’s Customer Identity Management platform is ISO 27001, ISO 27018, SOC1 and SOC2-certified, with five discrete regional data centers, and NIST-approved data encryption and password hashing.

Gigya has updated its Privacy Policy as Gigya, Inc. has been acquired by SAP America, Inc. and Gigya has updated the information regarding how we collect and use your Personal Data. You can see the updated Privacy Policy here.