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Identity Access and Customer Data

With Gigya’s Identity Access tool, clients can view users’ profiles, social and site custom data, and easily search, edit and delete user information from an intuitive web-based dashboard.

Customer data integration supports user identity reports

Site administrators can view customers’ profiles, social and site-custom data. They can also search customer profiles and edit or delete information. If Gigya’s Loyalty – Gamification and User Behavior package is enabled, Identity Access also enables access to users’ Gamification achievements.

A wide variety of data is available for query via Identity Access, including:

Social Data

Through Gigya’s Social Login solutions, clients can collect a variety of valuable social data from customers. Attributes can include demographic information such as first and last names, birthdays, locations and relationship statuses, as well as likes, books, movies, music and more, enabling more effective customer segmentation and engagement.

System Data

Gigya’s platform is built to holistically manage system data such as unique keys and identifiers, SAML assertion documents, custom data objects outside of the user profile and more, making it easy for clients to integrate customer identity across all on-premise and cloud applications and services.

Registration & Account Data

All data collected through Gigya’s Registration-as-a-Service solution is easily managed in our Profile Management database, including personally identifiable information (PII) like names, birthdays and addresses, as well as account and purchase history details from third-party solutions for e-commerce and more.

Loyalty and Behavioral Data

Gigya’s social engagement and loyalty tools allow clients to drive customer engagement, SEO and word-of-mouth advertising while collecting valuable data about customer behavior. Comments, ratings and reviews, sharing, and a sociographic and behavioral point management system all help paint a clearer picture of each customer while fostering community and helping to create an immersive online experience.

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