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Event Based Sharing

event based sharing

Prompt users to share when it matters most.

Amplify awareness and word-of-mouth traffic by prompting users to share at the right moment. Gigya’s advanced share plugin gives users the option to share after completing an action such as making a purchase, or watching a video. It also allows users to broadcast shares to multiple social networks with one click, and is proven to increase share rates by 4X when compared to traditional sharing.

Prompted Sharing

Display the option to share when it makes sense. Rather than relying on users to initiate a share, Gigya’s advanced share technology allows you to prompt sharing after any defined action occurs on your website. For example, you could prompt the share plugin when a purchase is made, or when a user completes a survey on your website.


Allow users to broadcast your content to multiple social networks in just one click. Gigya’s advanced share technology gives users full control over what social networks they prefer to share to, and recognizes user connections for seamless one-click sharing.

Email a Friend

Give users the option to email your content to one or more friends within the plugin interface. Contacts from email providers like Gmail and Yahoo can also be imported, and offer an auto-complete experience which makes sharing even easier.

Track Exposure

Gigya’s share technology automatically shortens URLs to track social analytics and bolster SEO value. Brand mentions and hashtags can also be optimized to maximize exposure and brand recognition across Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and other social networks.

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