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Why Marketo and Gigya?

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Drive conversions by leveraging the rich, first-party identity and on-site behavioral data collected by Gigya’s Registration-as-a-Service, Social Login, loyalty solutions and Social Plugins in your Marketo campaigns.

Transfer bulk user data or specific data points between Gigya’s Profile Management database and Marketo, and schedule automated updates to ensure you’re working with the most recent and accurate user data available. Bi-directionally sync individual user records to maintain a unified view of users’ profile and behavioral data, subscription information and lead details. 

Marketo’s Real-Time Personalization extracts lead details from Gigya in order to create personalized marketing campaigns in real-time, saving you time and resources. You can also tie anonymous cookie data tracked via Marketo’s Munchkin code to an authenticated identity through Gigya once an anonymous user becomes known.

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