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Why Adobe Experience Manager and Gigya?

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Gigya’s Registration-as-a-Service solution can be leveraged on AEM sites, enabling brands to easily configure and customize social login, traditional registration, profile management, validation and verification screens via an intuitive drag-and-drop UI builder, markup extensions or direct REST API access. Joint clients can also leverage permission-based customer profile data captured through Gigya for content personalization and optimization across channels and devices.

  • Save time and resources with pre-built registration forms and flows, a single API to manage 25+ global social login identity providers and boundless scalability.
  • Build better profiles by combining first-party identity data with on-site behavioral data, making it possible to recognize customers and personalize content across touch points.
  • Get to know customers over time by triggering form fields based on pre-existing customer data and capturing additional information with progressive and conditional profiling.

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