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Drive subscriptions, deliver more relevant content and maximize advertising revenue.

Publishers today are faced with not only the challenge of driving subscriptions, but also building the level of subscriber knowledge, loyalty and engagement that will attract advertising dollars. Gigya’s Customer Identity Management for publishers offers readers a fast and easy way to subscribe and share permission-based information, as well as move seamlessly across publisher domains using a single, verified identity. 

Engagement tools incentivize subscriptions, increase time on site and help build out more comprehensive user profiles over time. Publishers are able to serve up more personalized content to subscribers, while providing advertisers with the ability to reach specific audience segments with highly relevant placements.

“We've seen significant growth in new members and engagement. We continue to work with our partners at Gigya on the best ways to take advantage of the capabilities and member insights now available to us and our growing community.”


Steve McNally

Senior Group Director of Editorial Tools

Here's a Few of Gigya's Publishing Customers

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