Game Mechanics

game mechanices

Configure Gamification with Ease.

Setting up game mechanics on your site is easy with Gigya’s comprehensive gamification dashboard. Within the dashboard you can easily create new challenges, assign points to various site actions, upload achievements, define new levels and more.

Benefits for Your Business 

Integrating game mechanics on your site begins with defining which user actions to monitor and reward. User actions can be any trackable web activity such as posting a comment or watching a video. Any activity on your site can be tagged and incorporated as a gamification action. Gigya is the only gamification solution that offers two ways to define game-based actions:
Default Gigya Actions
Custom User Actions


Default Gigya Actions

Default Gigya actions are initiated by Gigya plugins like Social Login, Comments, Ratings & Reviews, Reactions and more. Gigya automatically tracks these actions, so there is no need for additional coding. This unique method of leveraging existing plugins allows your site to quickly implement powerful and deeply integrated game mechanics in a short amount of time.


Custom User Actions

Custom user actions are any activities that take place on your site that are not powered by Gigya. A few examples of these actions include page views, answering a poll, completing a survey, watching a video and clicking a link. All custom user actions can easily be recorded through a simple Gamfication API call that refers to the unique action taking place. Gigya can also automatically reward users with points when other users react to their actions on your site. For example, a user can earn points when another user gives a comment a “thumbs up” or when their shares bring in new visitors. You can also reward users for additional pre-determined passive actions.


Creating Achievements

 Setting up achievements can easily be done within Gigya’s Gamification dashboard. Achievements are represented in the form of points, levels, badges and trophies, and are unlocked when a user performs a defined action or set of actions on your site. Achievements can also be used to reward users with real-world incentives such as discounts, coupons or special offers. Achievements have infinite design options and work best when customized to match the personality of your users and aesthetic of your site. With Gigya, you have the option to design badges in-house, or enlist the help of Gigya’s own social design experts to create custom badges for your site.


Map Out Challenges 

Challenges tie actions and achievements together, and are defined by an action or set of actions that take place on your site. Challenges help users progress through desired activity on your site like registering for an account, completing a profile, watching a video and reviewing content or products. Challenges can easily be modified through Gigya’s Gamification dashboard to calibrate and amplify user behaviors. Within the dashboard you can easily increase/decrease point assignments and add/adjust levels to find the perfect balance of challenges and rewards on your site.

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