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Gigya is a Winner in the 2017 CRM Watchlist!

Everyone at Gigya is honored to be named a winner in the influential 2017 CRM Watchlist, published Monday on ZDNet, a very comprehensive and thorough report created annually by Paul Greenberg of The 56 Group.

Paul, a veteran analyst, consultant and author, received submissions from 136 customer-facing companies this year and selected only 25 winners.

“The Watchlist is designed to find companies who have not only had a significant impact in the market the year before . . . but also are built to continue having that impact in the following approximately three years,” he writes in the report.

“One way or the other, the impact has to be obvious, both in the prior year and in the anticipated next two or three years (so) there is no doubt at all that your company is making a major impression on a market and actually changing or strengthening that market by its presence.”

This marks five years in a row that Gigya has been in the CRM Watchlist – four years as a winner and one year (2014) as an Honorable Mention What makes this special for me is the amount of effort Paul puts into picking the featured companies. Working alone, he read through all 136 submissions – a total of 6,100 pages – and did additional independent research.

Now, we’ll get back to working just as hard as ever in hopes of  winning again in 2018.

By Patrick Salyer

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