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Which Identities Are We Using to Sign in Around the Web? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social Identity

There has been a lot of commentary today on our latest Infographic on social identities used around the web – you can also see the full version hereMashable hit the nail on the head – we were certainly clapping our hands in agreement – with their description of the benefit to Internet users “The days of having a separate login and password for each online service we use are behind us. Now, you can log into most sites and services using your social network’s ID.”

Amen! It’s gratifying to see OAuth and OpenID applied as envisioned to improve the user experience for all of us.

Inside Facebook’s take was focused on the area where Facebook had the most competition “A key finding of Gigya’s data analysis is the prevalence of Twitter as a social ID on the news sites Gigya powers such as Reuters. We believe this might be due to Twitter’s interest-focus being more conducive to news sharing than Facebook’s geography-focused network, and update frequency norms permitting more posts per day on Twitter than Facebook.”

The final takeaways were neatly summarized by AllFacebook “What’s becoming increasingly clear is that despite Facebook’s dominance, providing a variety of third-party social login services is important to capture all new visitors to a site. . . .The bottom line is that Facebook has a dominant position when it comes to the digital identity race, however the race is nowhere near being over.”

By Kevin White

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