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Webinar Recap: Latest Product Updates Help You Serve up a Best-in-Class Customer Experience

When describing a customer-focused technology solution, it’s easy to throw around terms like “state-of-the-art” and “best-in-class.” But, if the it doesn’t have a real-world impact on the customer’s experience, those labels don’t mean much.

So, when we say our solutions help you provide excellent customer experiences by building trusted relationships, what do we mean? We’re talking about real-world customer impacts such as having confidence in the safety and privacy of personal information and providing customers control and transparency for data collection and processing.

In our recent Product Update webinar, Stephen Purvis, Product Expert for the SAP Customer Data Cloud from Gigya, joined me to illustrate how we help our clients build trusted relationships by delivering rich new features and enhancements to drive digital transformation to new heights while building customers’ trust.

New Improvements for Accessing Customer Consent

Until the second quarter of 2018, our SAP Customer Consent product enabled you to access customer profiles, consent and preferences using the Identity Access console. Now, we can also provide you with new Identity Access Privacy Tabs to identify the status of a user’s consent to the digital property’s legal statements.

Ultimately, this reduces response time to customers, as call center representatives can quickly and efficiently provide customers the status of a their consent history or change it upon request.

Always Transparent with Consent Statements

A big part of building trusted relationships across every customer journey is ensuring that customers are given full transparency at the point of data collection. Our new functionality under consent statements can now display the specific purpose for collecting customer data for both full registration and lite registration. Users are able to see all the legal statements they’ve consented to through a link in the self-service preference center. A call center representative can quickly clarify the purpose of each consent request to customers and can quickly procure this data in the event of an audit.

Change is Good with Consent Status Validation

Companies that strive to offer great customer experiences on their digital properties will elect to use a “Remember Me” feature, which enables long life sessions on their site as long as customer terms of service and privacy policies are up-to-date. However, when policies or privacy regulations change, it’s critical for customers to renew their consent prior to accessing applicable sites in order to maintain compliance with GDPR.

SAP Customer Consent’s newest feature allows companies to periodically check the validity of a user account and automatically trigger a consent renewal request when an active version of consent changes. This enables companies to ensure consent settings are consistently up-to-date across every brand, channel and region.

Impacts on Your Business

Under the GDPR, consumers have the right to be informed. Certain articles in the regulation require companies to notify customers about the collection and use of their personal data at the time it’s collected. In most instances, you must inform individuals of the purpose for processing their personal data, how long your business will retain that data, and with whom it will be shared.

With this update, SAP Customer Consent helps you address this key GDPR requirement.

Discover More Real-World Impacts of Our Updates

In the webinar, Stephen and I covered SAP Customer Cloud updates which we are confident will help you add your customer base to the existing 63% of consumers who trust brands with their information because of great experiences1.

Click here to listen to the whole presentation. And, stay tuned to this channel for information about our next Product Update.

1PwC April 2018

By Natalie Monetta

Gigya has updated its Privacy Policy as Gigya, Inc. has been acquired by SAP America, Inc. and Gigya has updated the information regarding how we collect and use your Personal Data. You can see the updated Privacy Policy here.