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Webinar: 2018 Predictions from Rooly Elezierov, Gigya’s President and Co-Founder

2018 is here, and it’s shaping up to be an exciting year in the world of customer identity. Join us for an exciting and timely discussion with Gigya’s co-founder and president, Rooly Elezierov. This will be a fun and interactive event, where you’ll have a chance to join the conversation and have your questions about the future of customer identity management answered by experts on the subject!

Rooly has literally written the book on the future of identity. “The Digital Identity Crisis,” coming from John Wiley and Sons this spring, explores the myriad challenges and possibilities for digital identity in 2018 and beyond. It promises to be a well-researched deep dive into the evolution of identity in the digital age, covering a wide range of topics and perspectives.

During the webinar, Rooly and I will explore his fearless digital identity predictions, tackling a wide range of cutting-edge topics that could directly impact your business soon, including:

  • The expected earth-shaking effects of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • The possible transition of customer identity management to the blockchain
  • How artificial intelligence will change the online customer experience
  • The importance of identity in managing the Internet of Things

If you drive marketing, sales, services or product strategy with consumer data, you can’t afford to miss this opportunity to start the New Year with a clear view of what’s ahead in the identity marketplace.

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By Rashmi Vittal

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