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Three Ways Insurance Companies Can Win and Keep Customers

Time was, Lloyd’s of London knew the position of every ship it insured on the high seas; it was plotted daily based on destination, speed, cargo weight, weather conditions – even the experience of its captain.

If you are an insurance carrier and/or broker, how would your policy holders or prospects feel today if you were empowered to give them that Lloyd’s of London treatment? If you could show that you know so much about them that you can anticipate their needs and provide the best coverage match or investment advice?

Here’s the answer in a few pages packed with insights into transforming your sales and service organizations into a consumer-facing force that increases customer satisfaction, potentially raising profits. The key to achieving this is easily identifying and registering online users and effectively managing their data.

In our new data sheet, you’ll learn how to:

  • Overcome legacy systems and improve your technology stack;
  • Derive value from structured and unstructured customer data by transforming it into rich and unified user profiles; and
  • Increase consumer satisfaction by creating transparency across the business and the customer lifecycle.

Not even Lloyd’s of London can track all of its policyholders every minute. But with the technology at hand, insurers can still understand and embrace policyholder or prospect needs and use that information to sell smarter and better.

Gigya’s Customer Identity Management platform helps insurers chart a course to customer satisfaction by providing a digital environment of fair winds and following seas.

By Rashmi Vittal

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