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The Landscape of Customer Identity: Facebook Dominates Mobile

For more than a year, Facebook has consistently made gains as an identity provider. In Q4 2014, the social network again held onto the majority of logins and surpassed the 60% mark for the first time since 2011. The company made particularly strong gains on mobile devices, surging 15% over Q3 2014 and eclipsing three quarters of logins on phones and tablets.

Early in 2014, Facebook announced new line-by-line controls for Facebook Login, allowing users to choose which pieces of profile data they want to allow websites and apps to access upon logging in. Combined with other efforts to increase transparency and understanding about how user data is handled, the world’s largest social network continues to put power in the hands of its end users.

While Facebook made gains, Google/Google+ maintained roughly a quarter of all logins, and Login with Amazon reached 5%, its highest percentage since its launch in 2013. Yahoo, meanwhile, made no gains and appears to have lost all momentum as an identity provider.

Check out the infographic below.

– Victor White, Director of Marketing Communications

By Victor White

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