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Supporting Data Localization and Consumer Privacy: Gigya’s New Russian Data Center

The Russian Federation’s Personal Data Protection Act went into effect on September 1, 2015, mandating that companies that maintain online properties that serve Russian citizens store and manage those citizens’ data within Russian borders. To ensure that our clients with Russian customer bases remain in compliance with the new law while keeping all of their international customer data secure and private, Gigya has announced a new primary data center in Russia.

One of Gigya’s core values is helping companies with international audiences manage consumer data protection and privacy in an extremely dynamic regulatory environment. Among the major factors driving risk for today’s global brands are:

  • Increased demand for greater transparency in digital consumer transactions and relationships. This means fulfilling a wide range of regional opt-in/out requirements and giving end users maximum control over their profiles and preferences.
  • A trend toward data localization regulations, such as Russia’s. The growing list of countries with these types of bills already in place includes South Korea, Brazil, Vietnam and Indonesia.
  • Heightened data protection and privacy compliance enforcement, driven largely by the comprehensive and influential European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which by all accounts is the leading candidate for a global consumer data privacy standard.

To meet these challenges, Gigya employs a multiple data center strategy, with primary data centers in the U.S., and now Russia, and virtual AWS-hosted data centers serving the EU and APAC regions. This allows our clients with large, global audiences to deliver personalized and seamless customer experiences while ensuring that privacy and security are always maintained in manner appropriate to the locale of each user.

About the New Data Center

Gigya owns and operates all the hardware for our new data center, which is primary, not secondary. This means that Russian consumer information will always remain discrete from user data stored anywhere else, an important factor for ensuring safety and privacy for all of Gigya’s 700+ international clients. Gigya will also assist in preparation and submission of the required notification to Russian authorities of any business’ intention to process and store data within the country.

The Benefits?

It’s estimated that by 2020, each person on Earth will be represented by as much as 5,200GB of data. While most consumers now recognize the benefits of big data to provide more relevant and valuable experiences, they also want to trust that those experiences don’t come at the expense of their safety, privacy or reputation. Digital businesses, for their part, would be wise to view establishing and maintaining consumer trust as perhaps their most important differentiator in a world of fierce competition and heightened risk.

Gigya’s end-to-end Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) platform was built from the ground up to collect and manage customer identities at massive scale while storing and handling this information securely. We help companies comply with local data regulations while keeping pace with the privacy policies of more than 25 social networks and other third-party identity providers, enabling more than 700 global brands to minimize risk and build lasting trust with their customers while driving new business value in developing markets.

To learn more about how Gigya helps businesses manage global data protection and privacy compliance, download the “Managing Customer Privacy with Gigya’s Russian Data Center” data sheet.

By David Kerin

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