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Solutions from Gigya Make the Constellation Research ShortList™ for Cloud Identity Management

Three key takeaways from the recently-announced Constellation Research ShortList™ for the Cloud Identity Management category:

  1. This list shows how much the category is evolving toward customer identity solutions.
  2. The service providers in the category will need new offerings to sustain the boom they’ve been enjoying.
  3. Gigya, now a part of SAP, won a spot on the list because our solutions deliver the cutting edge features used for the category’s threshold criteria.

Why are these takeaways important to you and your business? They open windows into current digital identity trends and the future direction of the marketplace.

Let’s dive into each point and explore further.

Can You Keep Up with The Evolution of Identity Management?

Calling the category a segment of Identity and Access Management (IDAM) Information Security, Constellation research says:

“Identity management and authentication are rapidly evolving fields and deliver mission-critical functionality to the heart of the enterprise.”

They also say it’s a “natural evolution” of hosted identity provisioning services.

We couldn’t agree more. Not too long ago, enterprises viewed identity management solely as an internal issue of, “How do we handle our employees’ identity information in a secure way that enables them appropriate access to networks and systems?”

The technology solutions usually involved managing employee identity data from an onsite server.  

Now, customer-facing organizations are adding an entirely new angle to the category. They want solutions that answer, “How do we handle customer identity information in a secure way that helps provide the best customer experience possible?”

These enterprises want scalable, secure, cloud-based customer identity management. The inclusion of Gigya, now a part of SAP, on Constellation’s list shows the category’s evolution in this direction.

How to Keep the Identity Management “Boom” Going

In the report, Constellation says the Cloud Identity Management category has been booming for the past “three to four years.” Going forward, we think providers in the category can keep the boom going by addressing two major business trends:

  1. The surge in consumer demand for companies to be more transparent about how personal data gets collected, processed and used.
  2. The emergence of data protection laws, including the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), that seek to put consumers in control of their own data.

How can a Cloud Identity Management provider address both trends? By offering a complete consent and preference management solution.

 Preference & Consent Capture > Version Control > Accurate and Enforced Records > Self-Service Preference Center

Such a solution provides a way for an organization to collect explicit consent for terms of service, privacy policies and custom marketing activities. It also enables organizations to trigger renewals of consent as policies change and to automatically enforce preferences for communications and other opt-in marketing activities across third-party applications and services. Lastly, it should also provide a way for customers to manage their own profile data, preferences and consent settings from any device.

The writing is on the wall. The ability to collect, store and manage a customer’s identity and profile data is no longer enough to succeed in this category. To keep the boom going, Cloud Identity Management providers will need to provide solutions that allow businesses to manage a customer’s consent and preferences as well.

Gigya’s Place on the Cloud Identity Management ShortList™  

Constellation establishes threshold criteria for each category. These points represent digital identity challenges a successful solution can resolve. For Cloud Identity Management, the criteria includes:

  • Directory integration (for importing existing IDs and attributes of users and incorporating those details into credentials)
  • Full user lifecycle management (e.g. the issuance of an identity as well as its renewal, suspension, and deletion when a user leaves).
  • Convenient single sign-on across enterprise touchpoints
  • Import of external identities from social media accounts
  • Multi-factor authentication options

Gigya, now a part of SAP, is a perfect fit for this list because we offer cutting-edge solutions for solving these challenges. For example, SAP Hybris Profile answers the call by helping organizations create a unified customer profile for each customer. This allows companies to break down data silos and gain a single view of every customer that can then be pushed across the rest of the organization’s technology stack to drive multi-channel, multi-touch marketing, sales and service strategies. As a result, our clients are better equipped to manage their relationships with customers throughout their full lifecycles and to provide seamless, personalized and permission-based engagements.

For More Information

We’re honored to be included in the Constellation Research ShortList™ for the Cloud Identity Management category.

To see how our products can help your organization with customer identity, consent and profile management, download our Solution Brief now.

By Jason Rose

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