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SAPPHIRE NOW 2018 – Day Two: The Revolution Continues

Day Two of SAPPHIRE NOW 2018 started off with an enthusiastic crowd riding the wave from the previous day’s announcement of a new, fourth generation CRM suite: SAP Customer Experience and C/4HANA. SAP co-founder Hasso Plattner kicked things off with an insightful and informative keynote speech that was full of takeaways, sharing SAP’s vision, and emphasizing a coherent brand strategy for the Intelligent Enterprise.

Hasso explored themes about how self-optimizing and tapping into context-sensitive processes will free people to focus on the essentials of their business. He also described an intelligent future, where development happens at an accelerated pace, and enterprises are connected to new levels of intelligence through IoT, machine learning, blockchain and analytics technologies.

“The Intelligent Enterprise is not a marketing story that thrives on buzz words, but a logical consequence of what is possible with the technologies that are available today.”
–Hasso Plattner, SAP Co-Founder

Following similar themes shared by SAP CEO Bill McDermott yesterday, he reiterated SAP’s commitment to CRM, with C/4HANA functioning as the front-office “twin” of ERP suite S/4HANA. With more than 8,700 S/4HANA customers, bringing in the C/4HANA brand makes good sense. “SAP C/4HANA is our commitment to the CRM market, and our largest development priority,” he said.

Driving home a big dose of thought leadership, Hasso also stated that “intelligence is the ability to learn from experience, solve problems, and use knowledge to adapt to new situations,” and that SAP was embedding automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence in all of it’s systems to help enterprises boost productivity.

Creating True Engagement with Customers

SAP Customer Experience consolidates solutions from SAP Hybris, CallidusCloud, Gigya, and Coresystems under a single brand for a simplified, cloud platform-driven experience. Patrick Salyer, General Manager, SAP Customer Data Cloud, gave an insightful talk about how the world has changed, and walked us through some mega trends in the marketplace that directly impact customer relationships: namely, the need for more transparency and more control in the customer experience. Patrick reminded attendees that the number one reason a customer leaves a brand is because of a lack of trust.  

He also vividly described how complex customers’ online lives have become. They facing an ever-increasing array of data-driven touchpoints: from personalized web pages, to product recommendations, to customized digital ads and more. Given this, with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) serving as a primary motivator, it’s now imperative for businesses to protect the customer’s privacy and honor the personal data entrusted to them.

But, how can businesses achieve these goals in such a complex and constantly-evolving environment? Patrick said that businesses should start by being transparent about data collection and processing and give customers control of their personal data, to begin rebuilding the trust that is the true currency of today’s digital marketplace.

John Martin, Managing Director of NASCAR Digital, and Gajarajan Nagarajan, Managing Director IT at Maxim Integrated joined Patrick on stage to reveal how they’re using the power of first-party customer data to engage and excite their fan bases.

Both guests outlined their digital transformation goals of building trusted relationships with their customers to understand who they are, what their challenges are, and how to best serve them as individuals.

Gaja referenced future regulations: “They are shaping our strategy; we feel our strategy of seamlessly connecting the front and back office provided by SAP on the foundation of SAP Customer Data Cloud from Gigya is the key.”

Patrick closed the session by emphasizing that customers are the foundation of best run businesses and the need for businesses to build relationships with them based on trust.

Engaging Diverse Audiences Worldwide

Later in the day, Rashmi Vittal, Head of Marketing for SAP Customer Data Cloud, joined two executives from GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals (GSK) – Jeremy Pincus, Head of Global Marketing Services, and Michael Donnally, Director of Global Digital Risk Management and Tech Privacy Leader – to examine how the company is using SAP C/4HANA solutions to engage a diverse, global healthcare audience.

Rashmi started the session by discussing trust and personalization based on the three core products of the SAP Customer Data Cloud: SAP Customer Identity, SAP Customer Consent and SAP Customer Profile. She showed how the GDPR offers an opportunity for the intelligent business to turn consumer data privacy into a market advantage. She also highlighted that, to seize this opportunity, businesses must put the customer at the center of the business and honor his or her wishes at every digital interaction. Judging by the nodding heads and attentive note-taking of the audience, her points hit home.

Jeremy and Michael walked through real world scenarios where they are engaging their diverse audience. Following on the conversation he had yesterday with Alex Atzberger, President of SAP Customer Experience, Jeremy dove into how GSK initiates and maintains seamless, privacy-compliant consumer engagements.

GSK uses solutions from the SAP Customer Data Cloud to capture and centrally govern and orchestrate profile and consent data from patients and healthcare providers, establishing a foundation for ongoing digital transformation in the GDPR era.

“GSK’s customer data architecture, built on Gigya – now the SAP Customer Data Cloud – operates in 110 countries, 70 brands, 20 million online profiles of patients, providers, doctors across 300-plus websites. It’s the advantage we use to raise the bar to deliver trusted customer experiences.”

Jeremy said the average health care rep gets only one minute to meet with a doctor – and they see 8 doctors per day. These constraints made GSK realize that it needed to find new ways to drive productivity and growth. Today’s technically savvy doctors expect access to new ways of engaging with pharmaceutical companies.

Given that expectation, GSK has put the SAP Customer Data Cloud at the center of its complex technology stack to build a single view of each customer. This, in turn, powers their content strategy, which is delivered through web, e-mail, and various speaker events — helping them create trusted personalized customer experiences at scale.

Michael then took to the podium to talk about GSK’s infrastructure and processes, anchoring his point by showing the pillar of customer trust at the heart of everything the business does.

“GDPR set the bar for new requirements and responsibility,” Michael said. “We need to create this transformation to enable our business to succeed with trust as that foundation.” He also expressed that he is glad that the SAP Customer Data Cloud is at the center of their customer profile management, because it makes all downstream processes and application operate more effectively.

What’s Next?

Check back tomorrow for Day Three. I’ll provide coverage of Jon Bon Jovi’s keynote, cover the highlights of two SAP Customer Data Cloud product demos, and report on sessions by Jennifer Morgan and Adaire Fox-Martin as they discuss SAP’s impact around the world.

Are you attending SAPPHIRE NOW? Ping me @ratul to let me know what your favorite experience at the event has been so far!

For more information on how SAP Customer Profile can help you build rich customer profiles from permission-based customer data to help your business power trusted digital experiences, download our product brief.

By Ratul Shah

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