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Progressive Identity: The Secret to Winning at The “Chutes and Ladders” of Digital Marketing

The popular children’s board game Chutes and Ladders™ (known in the UK as “Snakes and Ladders”) is meant to teach a basic lesson about morality.  Chutes are vices that set you back, and ladders are virtues that move you forward.

This simple model is a good way to think about serving customers in today’s vast, interconnected digital marketplace. If the game board represents the customer journey, then for every new opportunity you find to delight and win over customers (ladders), you risk inadvertently doing something annoying or disappointing that sends them away (chutes).

Progressive identity is the best way to win at this game. By gradually gathering information, anonymous online visitors can become known and loyal customers.

I explored this idea in depth last week in a webinar that’s now available on demand. Among the “ladders” of progressive identity I described are:

  • Offering online visitors value in the form of content such as promotions, coupons or newsletters in exchange for small amount of information, without requiring registration for full accounts.
  • Obtaining and managing consent from customers throughout their entire lifecycle to build enduring trust.
  • Enabling convenient and centralized profile and preference management and ensuring that customers can easily control their own data and privacy, to drive the transparent experiences that customers increasingly expect and the law demands.

There’s also a companion white paper, available to download now.

The game of Chutes and Ladders ends when the first player lands on the hundredth square at the top of the board. There’s no shortcut to success in the game or in digital marketing, but progressive identity can help you climb more ladders and avoid more chutes in your race to 100.

By Rashmi Vittal

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