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Why Pharmaceutical Companies Need Customer Identity and Access Management

PharmaGlobal pharmaceutical companies are faced with the challenge of managing customer identities across multiple medicine brand properties. In doing so, they must also adhere to a strict set of FDA regulations when it comes to creating user experiences and verifying customers.

Attempting to build a solution in-house to manage identities and maintain compliance is a major risk, cost and resource-driver. Purpose-built customer identity and access management (CIAM) makes it possible for pharmaceutical companies to easily maintain FDA compliance while providing a unified, actionable customer view that cuts costs and drives revenue.

Stay in Compliance

Social Login allows site visitors to authenticate using their choice of 25+ third-party identity providers or any any custom SAML provider. Doctors can log in to brand properties using their existing credentials for identity providers like SwissRX, which pre-validates doctors’ certifications to determine the legal level of interaction sales reps may have with them. Similarly, webhooks make it possible to check a user’s credentials against your company’s verification system the moment she registers for your site.

Best-of-breed CIAM not only helps manage FDA requirements for engaging medical professionals, but also for validated environments. By offering the ability to easily build and save various registration forms and flows, CIAM makes it possible for pharmaceutical companies to pre-validate registration processes with the FDA for more agile testing and optimization.

Get a Unified View

Product-Social-LoginWhen users register on pharmaceutical companies’ sites, they carry these identities with them as they move across the company’s other owned and operated web properties. With a unified profile view of identity, social, behavioral and transactional data captured across channels, pharmaceutical sales reps can effectively tailor communications to physicians’ needs, credentials and activities.

Purpose-built CIAM also effectively ties a user’s connected third-party accounts, traditional username/password and information from across a brand’s other business technologies to a single user record. Finally, single sign-on (SSO) allows users to log in and self-identify just once to navigate seamlessly across a brand’s global domains.

Cut Costs & Drive Revenue

Leveraging existing employee identity and access management (IAM) technology may seem like a natural starting point to manage customer identities and data, but this strategy is proven to require costly and inefficient customization efforts. Purpose-built CIAM saves money by securely managing millions of user identities and all data types in a single cloud-hosted repository, ensuring compliance with both regional and third-party regulations.

The best purpose-built CIAM solutions provide the flexibility to protect pharmaceutical companies for both planned and unforeseen changes in the future. Some of these include:

  • Global change management: quickly adapt authentication processes, policies and options to optimize experiences or remain in compliance.
  • New data types: consolidate an unlimited volume and variety of cross-channel data into a single record of truth, and easily alter database schema to capture new information on a global or per-brand basis.
  • Technology adoption: cascade PII data into all other applications requiring access to HPS information with pre-built and automatically maintained integrations.

For more information about how CIAM can benefit your business, download our buyer’s kit.

By Rachel Serpa

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