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On-Demand Webinar: A Path to Digital Excellence in the GDPR Era

Last week, it was my pleasure to moderate an exciting webcast featuring two experts from the SAP Customer Data Cloud who gave insights into a digital maturity model that can help your business achieve true digital excellence and build trust and loyalty with your customers.

The way I see it, the information-packed session answered two important questions for viewers:

  1. What is digital excellence, why does it matter, and how do I get there?  To answer this, Rashmi Vittal, Head of Marketing at SAP Customer Data Cloud, began with an exploration of market and technology trends, as well as the shifting landscape of global data protection and consumer privacy regulations, including GDPR in Europe. Rashmi then showed attendees how to address compliance beyond a checklist of system and policy updates, and instead take a more holistic, enterprise-wide, customer-first approach.

    “We’re talking about delivering a superior customer experience in today’s digital world,” she said. “Putting customers first must be an imperative… And if you are able to look at GDPR as a way to guide you into putting your customers first, you’ll be ahead of the game.”

    Her visual model showed what organizations are doing today to drive toward the digital maturity needed to balance new regulatory requirements with personalized customer experiences. Built into the model are three functional recommendations for any business looking to tackle one of the most pressing GDPR-related challenges: managing workflows for collection, use and protection of profile, preference and consent data:

    • Standardize data capture for consistency across brands and regions
    • Centralize data across the enterprise in an secure, audit-ready vault to better protect the business in the event regulatory authorities or data subjects request information, and to ensure your customers’ wishes are being honored accurately at every touch point
    • Integrate preference and consent capture into the user experience so it feels seamless to customers along every step of their journey with your business
  2. What does this actually look like? Rashmi then handed over the presentation to Senior Vice President of Solution Architects, Sergey Krayniy, to offer points of real-world proof in a live demonstration of SAP Customer Data Cloud solutions. To dive into the front-end customer experience that these solutions can help you deliver, Sergey gave a tour of a typical e-commerce journey, including:
    • Convenient “lite” registration for newsletter and e-mail subscriptions, including the transparent capture of consent for these communications, all the way through full account registration, including through existing social network credentials
    • A progressive profiling approach that incentivizes customers to provide their preferences to add context and value to their experience
    • The customer’s ability to access a self-service preference center to view, change, download, freeze, or delete account data at any time on their own terms, and to manage their own consent and preferences for communications and other marketing activities
    • Single sign-on that allows logged in customers to cross domains with little-to-no friction, even when recapturing consent is required, – for example, if the user is logging in from a new geographical region for the first time

“Customers have to understand why they’re getting this content based on what type of criteria,” Sergey said. “[When they get this understanding,] they feel empowered and they truly understand the relationship with the digital property.”

At the conclusion of the presentation, the audience was polled on some specific aspects of their own digital maturity, and Rashmi and Sergey fielded some thoughtful questions from the audience.

Watch the replay now to learn more, and if you’d like to hear an analyst’s perspective on how to build a customer-first, data privacy-focused organization, check out a recent comprehensive (and complimentary) report from our friends at Forrester.

By Natalie Monetta

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