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NewsLifeMedia Builds Digital Relationships with Gigya’s Customer Identity Management Platform

NLM LogoAbout NewsLifeMedia

NewsLifeMedia is an Australian media and publishing company that generates content across the key consumer interest areas of food, style, home, health and parenting. NewsLifeMedia’s portfolio of digital and print publications includes GQ Australia, Taste Australia and Vogue Australia.

The Challenge

With a user base of more than 15 million, NewsLifeMedia faced the challenge of driving user engagement and loyalty across its portfolio of more than ten digital properties. “The best way to retain customers is to offer them personalized experiences,” said Nicole Sheffield, CEO of NewsLifeMedia. “To do this, we needed to learn more about our users and find a way to integrate this information across each of our properties and marketing applications — a job we weren’t able to get done with our proprietary customer management system.”

The Solution

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 11.13.04 AMGigya’s Registration-as-a-Service (RaaS) gives users the option to authenticate with a traditional username/password or in just two clicks with social login, as well as powers progressive profiling, which collects additional user data over time. Not only do Gigya’s Social Engagement plugins drive registrations, but they also generate rich activity data as users share, comment and more.

As users leverage the same identities across NewsLifeMedia properties, detailed customer profiles are built within Gigya’s dynamic schema Profile Management repository. Using Gigya’s Customer Insights dashboard, user records can be segmented based on data collected as users register and engage on-site, including demographics, interests and on-site behaviors. This data is then passed to the organization’s other business systems like Krux, DoubleClick and ExactTarget to create personalized experiences across touchpoints.

The Benefits

As a dedicated customer identity management solution, Gigya was able to go live across three of NewsLifeMedia’s properties in just three months. Making the switch from its internally built customer identity management solution to Gigya’s platform has also saved NewsLifeMedia up to 12 months of development time it would have otherwise spent updating database schema, managing social network APIs and maintaining privacy regulations.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 11.13.38 AMBy giving site visitors a fast and frictionless way to identify themselves via social login, NewsLifeMedia has seen an 8x boost in registration conversion rates. Collecting profile data through the registration process, on-site interactions and progressive profiling has resulted in an 8x improvement in customer data capture.

A deeper customer understanding enables NewsLifeMedia to tailor its content, campaigns and communications to its customers’ interests, improving customer retention across channels. For example, the publisher now selects magazine covers and featured stories for publications like GQ based on users’ Facebook Likes and other interest data.

NewsLifeMedia has also used this first-party data to create a number of actionable audience segments across properties, including “Top Travelers,” “Pregnant or Trying” and “Convenience Cravers.” It feeds these segments into platforms like DoubleClick to serve hyper-targeted ads or ExactTarget to send personalized emails on behalf of sponsors. The ability to reach known users with relevant and timely content has increased the value of NewsLifeMedia’s placements so significantly that advertising yields are forecasted to increase by up to 25%.

“Previously, we were using anonymous user data to target our advertisements, which resulted in lower CPMs and CTRs,” said Nicole Sheffield, CEO of NewsLifeMedia. “Because of Gigya, we are now working with volunteered data from known users, which is much more accurate and valuable to advertisers.”

To download the full case study, go here.

By Don Kianian

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