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New Study: The 2015 State of Consumer Privacy & Personalization

Balancing data privacy while providing consumers with personalized experiences has always felt like somewhat of a paradox for marketers. Though this balancing act may seem arduous, the variety of marketing technologies and data-driven strategies available today make it entirely possible.


In order to better understand the current state of data privacy and personalization, Gigya commissioned a consumer-facing study with OnePoll to collect the perspectives of 2,000 US and 2,000 UK male and female adults ages 18 and older.

The study, which is conducted annually, examines consumer attitudes around data privacy, the prevalence of social login, and the importance of personalized marketing. The 2015 State of Consumer Privacy & Personalization revealed continued explosive social login use, driven by an aversion to completing lengthy registration forms and having to create more usernames and passwords. Most notably, the report highlighted a clear evolution in the concept of digital identity, Identity 3.0, which is characterized by increasing acceptance of next-generation authentication methods like biometrics. Predictably, the study also showed heightened demand for data privacy and more relevant marketing communications, which consumers believe can be achieved through business transparency and personalization.

Key findings from The 2015 State of Consumer Privacy & Personalization showed:

  • The move toward Identity 3.0 is in full swing. Adoption of next-generation authentication methods is growing steadily, with 59% of US consumers acknowledging a willingness to register or log in to a website or mobile application with an existing identity from a payment provider such as PayPal or Amazon.


  • Biometric technologies are emerging as popular options for authentication. The study shows 41% of US consumers have a high level of comfort logging in to a site or mobile app using a thumbprint or face/eye scan.


  • More than 90% of US and UK consumers are at least somewhat concerned about data privacy and how companies are using customer data.


  • Irrelevant marketing communication is another issue plaguing consumers. Per day, 30% of US consumers and 35% of UK consumers receive between one and three irrelevant messages. Even worse, 17% of US consumers and 14% of UK consumers receive more than 10 irrelevant messages per day.


  • 88% of US consumers have logged in to a website or mobile application using an existing social network identity, an 11% increase over last year’s findings.

For even more interesting statistics about data privacy, Identity 3.0, and how brands can build trust with consumers, download the complete study here.


– Reeyaz Hamirani, Corporate Communications Manager

By Reeyaz Hamirani

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