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Introducing Consumer Insights

One of the biggest stumbling blocks in business today is that companies are attempting to take a data-driven approach to marketing, but they’re using the wrong data. Many analytics solutions focus on isolated page-level and event data versus data around the people and behaviors actually driving performance.

While this view is extremely limiting, focusing on consumer identity makes data collection and analysis a much larger and more complex task as consumers interact with your brand across an increasingly widening breadth of mobile, social, and digital channels. Not to mention, marketers don’t just need to collect this variety of data – they need to be able to act on it.

Gigya’s new Consumer Insights tool gives marketers an unprecedented view into consumer identity by aggregating first-party social and behavioral data captured by Gigya products like Social Login, Sharing and Gamification, and visually displaying insights via an actionable dashboard. In keeping with Gigya’s mission to uphold consumer trust and privacy, all available information is collected through strict and transparent user permissions.

Gigya Platform Consumer Insights Screen

This data can be queried based on any combination of attributes to segment users by interests, social and on-site activities, favorite brands, entertainment preferences, and more. These segments can then be imported into the more than 30 different marketing platforms that Gigya integrates with through the NEXUS Partner Ecosystem, powering more relevant, timely, and data-driven marketing campaigns across channels and devices.

Consumer Insights is the first tool of its kind to provide marketers with a clear measurement of social ROI by allowing them to track path to purchase and tie consumer identity directly to purchase behaviors, giving marketers insight into which types of users and actions result in direct revenue.

I’m extremely excited that several Gigya clients, including KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, will be implementing Consumer Insights over the following weeks, transforming the way they understand and connect with customers through these advanced audience segments.

I want to thank Gigya’s product team for working tirelessly to build and be the first to market with such a groundbreaking consumer intelligence solution. I truly believe that by making permission-based identity data more accessible and actionable for marketers, we are adding unprecedented value for both brands and consumers, redefining connectivity one touch point at a time.

To demonstrate the power of Consumer Insights, we examined data from the fan bases of Super Bowl teams the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos to uncover the similarities and differences between the two contending teams. Take a look below:

Consumer Insights Infographic

You can see our press release on Consumer Insights here.

Patrick Salyer, CEO @patricksalyer

By Patrick Salyer

Gigya has updated its Privacy Policy as Gigya, Inc. has been acquired by SAP America, Inc. and Gigya has updated the information regarding how we collect and use your Personal Data. You can see the updated Privacy Policy here.