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How Large Enterprises Can Best Orchestrate and Deploy Customer Identity

As research firms have recently explained, customer identity and access management (CIAM) solutions offer enterprises the capabilities to turn unknown visitors into known, loyal customers at internet scale. CIAM is also an effective solution for more secure customer profile and preference management that helps meet ever-evolving global data privacy and compliance requirements.

Unfortunately, as anyone who’s been a part of an enterprise-wide deployment knows, there is no magic shortcut for implementing CIAM solutions. Large multinational organizations face formidable deployment challenges thanks to:

  • Decentralized business and IT departments;
  • Unique brand requirements (e.g. the look and feel of registration, login, preference and profile management screens, and customer workflows for different brands);
  • The countries in which brands operate or serve customers; and
  • The number of third-party marketing applications and services employed across the business.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could benefit from the experience of a team and the capabilities of a platform that are proven to seamlessly deploy centralized solutions consistently and reliably to every brand, region and property in your enterprise? Wouldn’t it be even better if this combination could provide methodologies and best practices so you could update solutions whenever business needs and regional laws change?

Gigya’s CIAM solution answers the call.

We’ve helped more than 700 global brands deploy customer identity across their businesses, and we’ve learned how to resolve the pain points of enterprise-wide platform rollouts.

In our solution brief, “Three Keys to Successfully Orchestrating and Deploying Customer Identity at Scale”, we detail:

  1. The potential challenges a global enterprise faces in streamlining CIAM configuration, administration and deployment;
  2. The proven implementation methodologies and best practices needed to orchestrate deployments at scale across every brand and digital property in multiple regions; and
  3. The features and functions of Gigya’s enterprise-ready platform that ensure a best-fit customer experience and a secure and privacy-compliant CIAM solution.

Check out our comprehensive brief to discover what our enterprise clients already know: Gigya’s platform, combined with the skills, experience and implementation approach of our global services teams, make us the industry leader for turning customer identity strategy into reality.

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By Adrian Nash

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