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Guest Post: Why Gigya?

This guest blog post comes from Phil Fernandez, Chairman and CEO of Marketo, Inc. As a Silicon Valley veteran, Phil has more than 30 years of experience building and leading breakout technology companies. We’re proud to welcome Phil to Gigya’s board of directors. 

Marketing is changing. Fast. Consumers are engaging with brands across a multitude of different channels and, for marketers, the writing is on the wall. The same untargeted and uniform tactics that companies have used in the past simply aren’t cutting it anymore and consumers aren’t listening. At Marketo, we’ve built – and continually innovate on – the industry’s leading platform to make marketing more relevant, effective and scalable for both B2B and B2C companies. My vision for Marketo has always been focused on the next frontier for marketing and I want to closely align myself with companies that share that vision.

That’s why I am joining Gigya’s board of directors.

I vividly remember when I first met the Gigya team a number of years ago. They have a passion for delivering great products and built a strong company centered on a dynamic go-to-market model.

I believe this combination of sound products, an innovative go-to-market strategy and a collective passion to do something special, is a recipe for success for almost any company. It’s the playbook we use at Marketo and one that Gigya employs today and is clearly working. I see Gigya as a pioneer with a distinct set of products to collect and manage first-party consumer data which closely aligns with Marketo’s continued efforts around B2C marketing. I believe that Patrick and the Gigya leadership team share Marketo’s level of passion for marketing and have a very similar entrepreneurial spirit.

Simply put, I believe in and want to be associated with Gigya. And I’m honored and excited to offer guidance and share my experiences with Gigya as it helps usher in a new era of relevant, authentic marketing.

By Phil Fernandez

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