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Global Registration #1: Let’s Build a Strategy that Endures Regulation and Spans Regional Differences

As technology makes the world smaller, companies are facing new challenges in achieving global data privacy compliance, while still giving consumers a rewarding customer experience and preserving brand integrity.

Accomplishing these goals requires a growth and compliance strategy that goes beyond most companies’ business plans.

That’s understandable because the changes in data collection and transparency are coming rapidly, and they may influence how a brand is marketed in a region.

Let’s start by recognizing that new data privacy requirements – whether the European Union’s upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which takes effect next May, or those in Russia or China – are creating a fragmented customer view.

This, just at the time when businesses were getting their heads around the notion of a 360-degree customer view and a customized and comfortable customer experience that derived from that complete portrait.

The good news is, all that work and intelligence is not wasted; it just needs some adjustments, in IT and in corporate priorities.

In a series of blogs over the coming weeks, I’ll explore how companies can build a business strategy around global identity that:

  • Outlines how to consolidate fragmented data;
  • Overcomes data ownership silos;
  • Maintains a core, corporate  standard as the axis that allows regional modification;
  • Enhances the user experience; and
  • Creates buy-in from internal and external stakeholders.

It’s not as simple as just unifying everything. And it’s not just about data; people and regional differences can be as big a hurdle as the technology.

That’s why we are going to start with what needs to be done BEFORE a company gets down to the fundamentals of building registration and authentication, and deploying databases.

I hope this short series will help you understand how a solid plan can produce a clear customer view and frictionless operation.   

By Craig Ferrara

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