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Global Registration #6: Concluding with Three Questions To Help You Get Started

After a long and fruitful journey, I’ve reached the end of this series on the internal and external value of creating a global customer identity while also encouraging variations by brand or geo-location.

It is a massive and hugely important topic, and I could write much more.

But it is time to wrap up with guidance on how to assess where your company or brand is in this process.

Here are three questions that will help:

  • Can you predict the data capture for each of your brands?
  • Do your brands operate with the same data integrity globally?
  • Do you understand the customer lifecycle for each brand from a global enterprise perspective?

If you answered “No” to any of these, your company probably has some work to do.

The task isn’t easy, the stakeholders are numerous and sometimes have to be persuaded, but the outcome is worth the effort.

We’re all driving toward the most effective marketing and sales approaches because that means revenue. And one of the best ways to add value to this concept is by implementing a Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) solution that provides deeper insights into customer behavior and creates a smooth, consistent user experience.

So how do you start?

Build a strategy that collects the customer information you want, serves varied interests (security for IT, sales for the sellers and lead generation for marketing), and is resilient in its regulatory and privacy compliance. You’ll find more on this in an earlier blog.

Determine what data you want to collect, how to encourage customers to share it and how it can be distributed internally for best value.  More thoughts on this topic.

Set global standards for customer registration but allow for regional or product-line customer profile enhancements based on the marketplace. This is where global identity and single sign-on come into play.

Next, kick open those data silos and share information between brands and business units. I’ve got a plan.

Help your customer understand what you are doing with the global customer identity approach by being transparent about information use and showing how sharing their information with you creates a more focused, comfortable user experience for them. (No more emails trying to sell them the jeans they just bought.)

The amount of data out there today is growing exponentially. How we collect and control what data we capture – and how we use it to benefit the business and the customer – are the keys to success.

By Craig Ferrara

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