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Gigya Launches Socialize Plugin for WordPress

In our continued effort to make it easy for sites to add social and authentication features, we’ve recently launched a Socialize plug-in for WordPress.
The new Social Plug-in enables WordPress sites to easily add multi-dimensional social and authentication functionality by providing a single point of access to Facebook Connect, MySpaceID, Sign in with Twitter as well as OpenID providers like Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and AOL Mail.
Features include:

  • Users can log into the site using their social network or webmail identity, enabling the Socialize plug-in to personalize the user experience by displaying the user’s name and image.
  • Users can update their status, promoting their activity to the newsfeeds of their social network, or invite specific social network friends with a custom message, driving traffic back to the original site.
  • Users can post comments on blog posts directly to their newsfeed on Facebook.
  • Users can share content or a specific event on the website.

Currently, plug-ins for both WordPress and bbPress, WordPress’ forum software solution are available.  They are both fully configurable from the WordPress administration panel, require little time to install, and require no programming knowledge.
Socialize’s code is also OpenSource, so developers can customize it as desired for their specific site needs.
The plug-in is available on Gigya’s website at or on WordPress at

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