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How Gigya Enterprise Preference Manager Answers the Call for Enhanced Customer Trust and GDPR Compliance

With the European Union (EU) set to enforce its new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in just five months, there’s lots of talk among global enterprises about compliance solutions. In a recent webinar, we walked attendees through one of the most comprehensive GDPR compliance solutions on the market: our new product, Gigya Enterprise Preference Manager.

Co-hosted by Gigya product leaders Natalie Monetta and Yaron Gur Ari, along with Gigya Solution Architect and VP, global pre-sales, Sergey Krayniy, the webinar showed how Enterprise Preference Manager can help a global enterprise navigate the trickiest GDPR requirements.

For instance, Natalie detailed the new consumer rights GDPR will enforce in an effort to give data control back to consumers, including the rights to:

  • Withdraw consent for the processing of his or her personal data
  • Be “forgotten”
  • View and download their full personal datasets
  • Freeze or delete their personal accounts
GDPR is about putting the customer in control of their data

As Yaron explained, Enterprise Preference Manager enables digital properties to provide these new rights via an intuitive self-service preference center.

Sample customer preference and consent management screens

“These screens show you the most recent terms of service and privacy policies you’ve consented to,” he said. “They also cover the major GDPR requirements to give your customers control over their data.”

Another tricky GDPR requirement for global enterprises centers on obtaining explicit consent instances and triggering re-consent requests when terms of service or privacy policies change. Natalie said these will be key factors in EU enforcement when GDPR goes into effect: “Auditors will be looking to make sure companies obtain consent to use customers’ personal data. They’re going to ask for the initial consent, the historical consent, and, when policies change or terms of service change, [they’ll be looking for] the ways companies trigger re-consent.”

Consent form example during registration process

Through Sergey’s demonstration, attendees got to see how Enterprise Preference Manager helps present clear requests for explicit consent from the customer’s point-of-view.

Gigya Console consent management screen

They also got to see the administrator’s point of view. Sergey showed how one central console for the enterprise enables an administrator to present consent instances, trigger update requests and manage consent histories for customers across brands, properties and regions.

It’s important to note Enterprise Preference Manager is not just a GDPR compliance solution. It also clears the path for enterprises to be more transparent in they ways they collect and use personal data and to build more customer trust.

“It’s about being transparent, gaining loyal customers and protecting your business from regulatory scrutiny,” Natalie said. “[More transparency] means increasing customer satisfaction, conversions and the revenues of the business. [More loyal customers] means more relationships built on trust. And [more protection from regulatory scrutiny] means collecting explicit consents to comply with GDPR and enforcing consent across your business to protect from regulatory scrutiny down the road.”

These are just samples of the Enterprise Preference Manager features and functions covered during the webinar. To watch the full presentation, and learn how your enterprise can take control of its GDPR compliance, visit:

Gigya Enterprise Preference Manager: Give Control to Your Customers and Comply with GDPR

By David Kerin

Gigya has updated its Privacy Policy as Gigya, Inc. has been acquired by SAP America, Inc. and Gigya has updated the information regarding how we collect and use your Personal Data. You can see the updated Privacy Policy here.