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Forrester Research: How to Get Ahead of New Laws Aimed at Data Privacy and Protection

Last week, I told you the new Forrester Wave report on customer identity and access management (CIAM) – available now in full at – explains how CIAM can enable personal trust.

This week, I want to look at another benefit of CIAM that’s detailed in the report: staying in compliance with the growing number of data privacy and protection laws around the world.

“Consumers  expect brands to accommodate their preferences so that they can decide how firms use their data,” says the report, written by Forrester analyst Merritt Maxim. “Multinational brands with millions of customers must address various demands. The complexity of the changing multijurisdictional aspects of privacy compliance, together with the looming GDPR (the European Union’s General Data Protection regulation, taking effect in May 2018) compliance deadline, means that digital businesses need mechanisms to verify ongoing compliance with consumer privacy mandates, because even the slightest violation can have a material impact on a brand or company. CIAM platforms can assist with these challenges . . .

“Because of the need to manage user data in accordance with various compliance requirements, CIAM platforms will begin enhancing support for simple out-of-the-box workflows to help users enable fine-grained access control around how organizations use and share their data. The emerging user-managed access (UMA) standard will likely play an important role in empowering consumers to manage their consent individually . . .

“Today’s global digital businesses must manage a highly diverse customer base within a broad range of privacy and compliance requirements. This is leading to improved user consent management tools, but it will also be accompanied by emergence of specific deployment models for individual geographies such as China or the EU. These deployment models will be more than just a data center resident in the region but will include other specific controls for a specific geography and will appeal to organizations that have to manage a broad range of global privacy requirements.”

In short, CIAM is rapidly becoming a requirement for large brands collecting personal information from customers around the world. CIAM and Gigya can play a crucial role in bringing together all of your customer identity data and then governing how that data is used across your marketing, sales and services stack to ensure compliance with global privacy regulations, while building consumer trust and confidence in your brand.

There are many more valuable insights on customer identity management in this Forrester Wave. You’ll also find Forrester’s ranking of eight vendors: Salesforce, Microsoft, Gigya, Janrain, Ping Identity ForgeRock, Auth0 and LoginRadius. The full report is only a click away at

By Jason Rose

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