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Forrester Research: Customer Identity Enables Personal Trust

We’ve been talking a lot lately about the new Forrester Wave report on customer identity and access management (CIAM) because it provides an independent and authoritative view on the strengths and weaknesses of CIAM vendors.

But the report – available now in full at – also gives a clear-eyed assessment of how customer identity management can help brands build their business. One of the most important CIAM benefits, according to Forrester, is enabling personal trust.

“Today’s digital businesses need deep customer insights to successfully deliver new products and services that can increase customers’ engagement and brand loyalty while maintaining their security and privacy,” says the report, written by Forrester analyst Merritt Maxim. “Customer identity and access management, if done well, can help business owners achieve this outcome.”

Personal trust is built through interactions that are customer-friendly. CIAM solutions make this possible, the report states, because they empower brands to:

“Streamline new customer acquisition and registration processes. Allowing customers to use bring-your-own-identity (BYOI) from a recognized social identity provider such as Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, or PayPal, and pre-register on a site is a large component of many CIAM implementations. Social login minimizes registration fatigue, which can occur when users have to create a new account just to complete a transaction at a new site, and minimizes the risk of a new user abandoning a site altogether. CIAM platforms give organizations the ability to build compelling registration pages . . .

“Provide user-centric capabilities for preference management. A CIAM deployment must allow consumers to update their preferences (e.g., opting out of marketing communications). Strong privacy management in a CIAM implementation empowers consumers to determine how firms collect and use their personal data and must be a core component of any implementation.

“Provide a consistent, secure omnichannel user experience. Multiple logins cause a fractured value delivery mechanism across channels and devices, which can cause customers to seek competitors’ services. Eliminating multiple logins is, therefore, the first step for providing low-friction services to customers. As organizations build in capabilities that remove friction, customers buy more, have more trust, and stay engaged longer. CIAM platforms provide the ability to build consistent and compelling customer interactions, regardless of the access methods, to ensure that customers remain engaged and loyal.”

As you can see, CIAM is foundational to building personal trust in the digital world. Brands are building more intelligent systems for personalization and to understand the ways customers interact across websites, mobile apps, and in-store experiences CIAM provides a common way for customers to update their preferences and opt-ins, and gives brands a common view of customers across all touchpoints. This functionality is key to building personal trust with consumers, by providing transparency and a common experience.

This is only a taste of the deep insight to be found through this Forrester Wave. You’ll also find Forrester’s ranking of eight vendors: Salesforce, Microsoft, Gigya, Janrain, Ping Identity ForgeRock, Auth0 and LoginRadius. Don’t miss out – go to now to read the full report.

By Jason Rose

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