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Forrester Research: Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) Can Protect Customer Data from Cyber Threats

Last month, I told you the new Forrester Wave report on customer identity and access management (CIAM) – available now in full at – explains how CIAM can enable personal trust with customers, as well as compliance with data privacy regulations.

This month, I want to look at one final benefit described in the report: protecting customer data from cyber threats.

“According to our data, 71% of global enterprise security technology decision makers rate improving the security of customer-facing apps and services as a high or critical priority; this may explain why enterprise (CIAM) adoption is getting strong interest across all geographies,” says the report, written by Forrester analyst Merritt Maxim.

“Many large B2C sites still experience fraudulent account sign-ups, which can increase their risks,” the report continues. “And while many CIAM platforms can already detect brute-force logins and suspend/close potential fraudulent accounts, the continued sophistication of hackers means that CIAM vendors will begin adding more support to reduce fraud at the time of account sign-up. Vendors could offer this capability natively or via integration with other fraud-management vendors, and they could also extend it to monitor and detect potential fraudulent transactions.”

Here at Gigya, we’ve found that many clients – when they first engage with us – have customer data spread across multiple silos with widely varying levels of security and organizational accountability. CIAM allows global brands to bring together customer data across multiple web sites and regions in one platform, where it’s easy to validate that appropriate security standards are in place.

One example of a security benefit from cloud-based CIAM is Gigya’s Network Protected Identity (NPI). NPI can detect suspicious login activity anywhere on our network of 1.3 Billion identities — such as the sudden occurrence of thousands of failed login attempts in rapid succession from one account email or IP address. When that activity is detected, step-up authentication is enabled on that account email or IP address on sites where a pre-configured threshold for login attempts is met – potentially blocking a hostile account takeover.

The CIAM Wave also goes beyond this type of strategic guidance to give Forrester’s ranking of eight vendors: Salesforce, Microsoft, Gigya, Janrain, Ping Identity ForgeRock, Auth0 and LoginRadius. The full report is only a click away at

By Jason Rose

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