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Feature Spotlight: Integrating Customer Data with SIEM Systems to Expand Online Account Security

In today’s digital economy, building trust with your customers is paramount. In fact, a recent study from the Edelman marketing firm found that people valued the trust they had in a company even more than the quality of the product or service. And, as Equifax, Yahoo and thousands of other businesses have discovered recently, data breaches and account hacking does major damage to their customers’ trust.

To identify and counteract hacking attempts, it’s standard practice for businesses to use Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems. During the first quarter of 2018, Gigya, now a part of SAP, updated our products to integrate with SIEM systems.

Let’s look at this new feature in more depth.

Why SIEM Systems Are Industry-Standard

SIEM systems create a single view for an IT administrator of all the events occuring for digital properties and generate real-time alerts when suspicious events occur. These sophisticated platforms receive security information from multiple streams, and process that information to provide companies with a real-time, actionable view of the security status of their digital properties.

When the SIEM system identifies irregular behavior with the data, it can notify security administrators, who can then take additional steps to authenticate the user and protect the account. It also logs the event and can generate a report for compliance requests.

There are several SIEM systems on the market, with LogRhythm, Splunk and IBM being among the most popular. According to Gartner, companies are rapidly adopting this technology in order to detect threats and breaches, and for compliance purposes.

How Solutions from Gigya Integrate with SIEM

Our SIEM integration uses Identity Sync, the Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) solution within SAP Hybris Profile. Identity Sync is a flexible solution that allows you to select the data for extraction, how to format it, and the platform to which it is either written or saved as a file. Gigya supports exporting audited events in standard formats, which can be easily processed by SIEM systems.

Identity Sync also enables you to assign a degree of severity to events. This means you can feed reports of events that your business security logic deems noteworthy, such as a login to a high-profile account, a suspicious series of failed logins or reset password requests to the SIEM system for analysis.

The Benefits of Our SIEM Integration for Your Business

The robust Registration-as-a-Service , Social Login and Single-Sign-On features of our SAP Hybris Identity product are the digital “front door” for more than 700 global brands. Due to the nature of today’s increasingly sophisticated, bot-driven cybercrime strategies,  these interactions also represent the front line of account hacking attempts.

Thanks to our integration, several of the most common online account hacking methods can now be passed from our solution to your SIEM system for real-time processing and decision-making. These include:

  • Login Success and Failure Events
  • Profile Update Requests
  • Account Registration Requests
  • Profile Deletions Requests
  • Reset Password Requests
  • Password Changes
  • User Name or Account name availability (to prevent Identity harvesting)

Upon notification, Security Administrators can then leverage SAP Hybris Identity’s Risk-based Authentication capability to configure account-level Multi-factor Authentication or to disable accounts.

The Bottom Line: The Cutting-Edge of Security for Customer Data

Customer data management solutions from Gigya, now a part of SAP, are built on privacy-by-design principles and practices. By collecting, storing and processing data within our state-of-the-industry infrastructure, our clients can secure their customers’ data through advanced authentication and authorization functions, data federation, NIST-approved encryption and password hashing, and specialized protection against DDoS and account takeover attacks.

Now, through our integrations with SIEM systems, we’ve expanded our ability to help clients secure customer data to an even greater level. Without exhausting extensive IT resources and time, our clients get the security information they need in time to counteract account hacking attempts and protect their customers.

By Ratul Shah

Gigya has updated its Privacy Policy as Gigya, Inc. has been acquired by SAP America, Inc. and Gigya has updated the information regarding how we collect and use your Personal Data. You can see the updated Privacy Policy here.