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ESI Media Uses First-Party Data to Drive Ad Revenue with Gigya

ESI LogoAbout ESI Media

ESI Media is a UK-based publishing company that strives to inform, challenge and inspire readers. ESI reaches millions of users through its local London Live television station and series of print and digital publications, including the Independent and the London Evening Standard.

The Challenge

As digital ad inventory increased in volume and decreased in value, ESI Media saw the opportunity to grow ad revenue and gain a competitive advantage by offering segmented audience targeting. “We needed to increase the volume and quality of our first party reader data before we could make this happen,” said Jo Holdaway, Director of Strategic and Commercial Data at ESI Media. The data that ESI did have was trapped in silos across the enterprise with no cohesive customer identity management strategy in place.

ESI Success HighlightsThe Solution

Already using Gigya to power social login, sharing and comments across select properties, ESI leveraged Gigya’s pre-built Adobe Analytics integration to gain a better understanding of current subscriber behavior. ESI discovered that registered users spend 2.5 more time on the site and engage with twice as many pages when compared to anonymous users, making them a valuable audience for advertising.

ESI was able to easily scale and streamline the registration and data collection process across all five of its digital properties using Gigya’s Registration-as-a-Service (RaaS). All first-party data captured via registration and known users’ on-site activities is housed within Gigya’s Profile Management repository for a consolidated customer view and unified user experience across domains. Gigya’s integration with Krux makes it possible to pass this information directly to the DMP, where it is combined with additional data sources and segmented for campaign use

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The Benefits

Coupling Gigya’s seamless traditional and social authentication with registration incentives, such as contest entries and commenting, resulted in a 30% increase in registrations across ESI’s digital portfolio. In turn, this has had a positive impact on the volume of first-party, permission-based data made available for audience segmentation.

By leveraging profile data, including first-party subscriber demographics, content searches, shares, Facebook Likes and behavioral patterns, ESI was able to create forty-five premium audience segments. These premium segments span across ten industries and include such precise categories as loan seekers, family travelers, movie goers and fashionistas.

The ability to reach known subscribers with precisely targeted placements allows ESI to charge sponsors a premium for these segmented audience campaigns, with yields more than 2X that of ESI’s pre-existing contextual and run-of-site campaigns. Tailoring ads to subscribers’ identities, interests and behaviors has also resulted in CTR increases of up to 300% across properties.

“Data-driven audience segment campaigns now represent the majority of ESI’s direct-sold revenues, and have essentially replaced contextual and run-of-site advertising,” explains Jo Holdaway, Director of Strategic and Commercial Data at ESI Media.




By Rachel Serpa

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