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Don’t Worry about FCC Rules; Get Data by Building Customer Relationships and Trust

Many consumers may be upset over President Trump’s repeal of the pending rules governing internet privacy, but from an advertising standpoint, whether the rules took effect hardly mattered.

Created last year by the Federal Communication Commission, the rules, which were never enacted, would have required broadband providers to get customers’ permission before releasing information that could be used to create targeted advertisements.

The data, gleaned from users’ browsing habits, has been marketing currency since the internet was commoditized. But it’s a weak currency because it only knows about browsing data at the Internet Service Provider (ISP) address, and therefore, holds minimal value for advertisers and companies.

Male or female? Employed or unemployed? Homeowner or renter? Married with children? The ISP sweep can’t say. Getting that kind of data is like buying a 20,000-name mailing list and hoping for a 1 percent response rate.

There is a better way that respects users’ privacy and creates a friendlier and more focused user experience.   

Companies today are creating relationships by progressively building and managing their customers’ digital identities. This process begins with mutual trust and encourages customers to share details about product use and lifestyle because consumers feel safe providing that information to responsible companies.

It’s a give-to-get: Consumers benefit from a more focused user experience while companies learn more about purchasers and can target advertising.

Smart companies are investing in customer identity and access management (CIAM) technology to create those positive, insightful and enduring relationships with customers and strengthen privacy protection.

Consumers always will be concerned any time their privacy is threatened. The most effective way to assure them that their information is safe and accurate is to slowly build customer relationships by obtaining information voluntarily and then managing it responsibly in a CIAM platform.

By Craig Ferrara

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