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Three Challenges on the Road to Digital Transformation, According to Top Analyst Firms

How has “digital transformation” shifted from a lofty buzzword goal to an imperative for enterprise brands looking to boost conversions, sales and profits?

Our customers, partners and prospects cite three challenges when discussing their digital transformation efforts:

  1. How to offer a personalized, seamless buyer journey across multiple channels and devices?
  2. How to protect customer data in accordance with ever-changing rules and regulations?
  3. How to break down legacy customer data silos to present a single customer view in one secure, accessible location?

Thankfully, a powerful technology has been recognized by three top research firms as the best solution to meet these growing challenges.

In recent reports, Gartner, Forrester and KuppingerCole have named customer identity and access management (CIAM) as a business-critical asset for enterprises seeking to build effective, scalable digital strategies and systems. (These reports are available now and in full at

The firms agree: Enterprises that place a CIAM system at the heart of their digital technology stacks can seamlessly and progressively build robust customer profiles on a foundation of permission-based, first-party data that is transparently collected directly from consumers.

CIAM can drive successful digital transformations, the analysts say, because enterprises gain the power to offer personalized, cross-channel experiences and engage customers across more dynamic buyer journeys while protecting consumers’ personal data and privacy effectively.

In addition to defining the burgeoning field of CIAM, all three reports provide a clear view of:

  • The real and significant issues facing enterprise customer data management;
  • The core product capabilities of CIAM solutions; and
  • The most significant companies in the customer identity market.

They also agree that Gigya leads the CIAM market in terms of current offering and future strategy.

Now, you have the opportunity to gain these insights as well.

To help you establish a best-practice approach to choosing a CIAM solution, we’re offering these reports as complimentary resources. Download all three now to understand how CIAM companies are evaluated, what the major companies in the market offer, and why Gigya excels.

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By Jason Rose

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